sound systems a sound design

After many years of close cooperation with Canada's leading brand of professional speakers Adamson Systems Engineering, belonging to the world's top producers of touring systems, we are among the first European companies have met the demanding criteria for inclusion in the official distribution network.

We have the latest 15-inch line array system technology Co. Linear module and modern Autolock rigging ADAMSON E15 ENERGIA (48) which combined with the most efficient subwoofers E219 in its class on the market, would be considered to be the most powerful line-array system in the Czech, perhaps even the European market. This system also supplied the Kryštof 2017 stadium concert for 40,000 people.

We use 12-inch version of the ADAMSON ENERGIA E12 (24) and the compact S10 (24) system outside this high-capacity system.  All amplifiers are handling LABGRUPPEN PLM integrated processing LAKE, controlled and checked-in also using the protocol DANTE.

With a broad portfolio, we are able through its own resources to dub the largest domestic buildings, including 02 arena and open air festivals in the highest quality with perfect coverage. Every implementation we own training and create detailed sound design by certified software Blueprint. The final calibration and system settings care factory certified engineers with measurement products SMAART.

Because the top PA and amplifier system would not be perfect without a top-of-the-line desk, we decided to have best available FOH consoles - DIGICO Quantum 338 and YAMAHA PM7 rivage. As next FOH and MON consoles we use digital console Yamaha CL5 and M7CL48-ES and digital consoles legendary producer Midas (PRO3, PRO6). In addition to these basic elements, we have standard accessories such as microphones (DPA, Bayer Dynamic, Shure, Audix, Sennheiser), monitors (24x 8x Adamson Adamson M15 and M12) and Pioneer DJ equipment.

ADAMSON system used by world artists such as David Guetta, Linkin Park, One Direction, Ricky Martin, Beyonce, Imagine Dragons and can be found in the portfolio of the largest European companies - eg. PRG. Domestically, our sound long-term use eg. Kryštof, Horkýže Slíže, festivals České Hrady, Trnkobraní, Majáles, Rock for People and many others.