lights, video and design

From our range of professional lighting and special effects, we are happy to create an original scene for your project. Our equipment is suitable for tours, festivals, concerts, and events, from small clubs to large halls, as well as for decorative lighting of spaces or television recordings and broadcasts.

We exclusively use products from the Czech brand ROBE, one of the largest manufacturers of rider equipment in the world. This brand is complemented by specific equipment from ASTERA, ARRI, SGM, and many others. We prioritize the quality and reliability of other devices, such as distribution boxes, splitters, dimmers, electrical distribution, and DMX connections. For control, we use CHAMSYS consoles (MQ70, MQ100, MQ250, and MQ500 stadium with various wing options) and GRAND MA2 consoles (full size).

We have 300 m² of outdoor LED screens with a resolution of 6 mm, 150 m² of semi-outdoor LED screens with a resolution of 3.9 mm, and now also 600 m² of LED FRAME with high resolution and high brightness. These screens can be assembled into various shapes and divided into multiple surfaces. We provide complete production for LED screens and, if needed, a BlackMagic Ursa camera system, both standard and robotic. For playback, we use our own media servers, ZL BRUTAL FORCE I and II.