lights, video and design

We dispose with professional lights and special lighting effects, from which we will prepare an original scene for your project. Our equipment is suitable for touring, festivals, concerts and events from small clubs to large halls and decorative lighting of spaces or TV recordings and broadcasts.

Mostly we use products from the Czech, but globally known brand Robe, which complement of equipment ARRI, or SHOWTEC and STUDIO DUE. We care about the quality and origin of other branded equipment (switchgear, splitters, dimmers, electrical wiring, connections DMX). Thanks to the ever-increasing fleet can check in several events at once. To control we mostly use CHAMSYS consoles  (MQ70, MQ100, MQ250, MQ500 with different variants of wings)  and Grand MA2.

In light of our fleet is the most modern equipment, including the most powerful spot lights Robe BMFL (40), Robe Forte (24)  with combination Robe WashBeam or pleny of led washes Robe Spiider (96) and favorized Robe MegaPointe (36) with smaller brothers Robe MegaPointe (24). We dispose with RoboSpot follow system too and lot of effects like ColorStobe, CycBar and Tetra2.

We also own 300 square meters SMD LED screen with a resolution of 6 mm or 3.9 mm. The screen can be assembled into various shapes, and divided into several areas. The LED screen to provide a comprehensive system, if necessary CAMERA SYSTEM both standard and robotic with mediaserver ZL Brutal Force.