ground support, roofs

In 2014, we expanded our facilities by GS HEAVY-DUTY & SUPER-BEAM trussing, thanks to which we now possess one of the largest and safest roofs in the country. Basic dimension roofing offers up to 13 m height GS feet, a covered area of 22 m x 16 m / 19 m x 16 m / 16 m x 12 m / 12 x 12 meters with a tons capacity and upgradeable PA and video wings up to 45 meters visible width. Anchoring and mooring use only the designated elements (steel ropes, chains). The enclosures have a valid static report, and of course we have a complete system of podiums - Nivtec flexibel.

For smaller events we own outdoor roofs with original designs and connecting parts ALUR SOLUTIONS in the dimension of 13 meters x 10 meters with a height of 9 m tower, meets EU requirements for temporary buildings with all necessary decoupling and anchors. The enclosures can be connected pantries 6x4m, PA wings further, thereby increasing the possible scale sound system.

Our experienced team of rigging is of course prepared to check events in the halls hanging. We have detailed knowledge, experience and DWG drawings of most home halls with this option, whether it be the Board Karlin, O2 arena or hall  DRFG and many others, including Frydek-Mistek Polaris hall, where we take care of the house rigging. Our technicians prepare the rigging plot including detailed dimensions, load individual points, statics and ensure that they are smooth and mostly safe installation.

Indoors without hanging from our material build ground support various sizes and types. For smaller constuctions  (approx 12x12)  we use standard quad profiles and fort the larger profiles Folding or trussing HD or Super beam in silver and black. All components are certified by reputable manufacturers and meet EU safety requirements. When lifting, use engines CHAINMASTER or CM 1-2 ton payload capacity and an original control system.