Stage design, creative show

Independence from external suppliers, natural knowledge of our own equipment, and a consistent production and technical team #zlfamily allow us to develop new technologies, knowledge, and processes. We are not limited by the quantity or cost of equipment, thereby not restricting the creative process. Under our hands, unique works are created - from the initial ideas and sketches, through precise visualization, to the final forms and custom-made content for live or television productions.

For projects, we prepare our own stage designs and solutions, complemented by video content, special effects, and lighting and effects programming. We welcome the opportunity to manage content with timecode, which allows for the creation of individualized shows for each project based on the specifics of the event's character or purpose. In addition to the preparatory phase, we also handle the complete on-site execution and provide all necessary services and materials.

Our "second home," the O2 arena, provides us with the greatest creative space. We have executed events here from initial designs to technical solutions and management, including "Christmas in May" (Kryštof), sold-out concerts by Marek Ztracený, the unique show of Kapitán Demo, and special events like Jiří Korn's "Korncert" and the groundbreaking world-class show by metal band Dymytry.

We utilize our technology and know-how not only for regular concert events but also for corporate and business events, offering complete space design, not just stage design.

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Selected project designs at various stages:



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Production, festival, concerts

The main areas of activity of the agency include the broad production and technical provision of external social events and music projects. For over ten years, we have handled Rock for People festivals for our clients, we are currently producing the biggest event Prague Playoffs in the 02 arena, as well as dozens of other concerts (Kryštof, Jiří Korn, Marpo, Dymytry, Christmas in the O2 arena, Kiss Millennium Explosion... ) in this largest concert hall.

We are ready to cover our own and client events completely, which is usually the biggest benefit of our agency. We do not buy or outsource most of the necessary services, but thanks to a permanent production team, extensive in-house technology of the highest quality, the programmatic disposition of our booking and relations with bands, we are able to give real meaning to the term full service. We provide this not only for concerts and festivals, but also for fashion shows (Zuzana Kubíčková, Prague fashion week) or sports events (MS Cheeraleading, Clash of the Titans).

And because we don't like to give up our projects, even though the agency has completely changed from the original concert enthusiasts, we still participate in the original projects that have found a permanent place in the tour maps of leading Czech artists, who still like to return to them. These include Plzeňský Majáles, Rock in Town, Leto s Rychtář, Monster Meeting and/or traditional events such as the Platan Beer Festival or days open to other breweries such as Rampušák Dobruška or České Budějovice Samson.

Thanks to the long-term experience gained in this way in a diverse environment, our production team is able to find the ideal solution for any project, whether it is a festival for 10,000 people or a club party.

According to your specifications, we will prepare a partial or comprehensive check-in:

  • location, spatial solution, large-capacity tents
  • program, dramaturgy, script..
  • technical, energy, safety and social security incl. advancing artists..
  • on-site production, overall staffing, stage management, direction...
  • marketing support and advertising campaigns, monitoring...
  • regular catering, stalls, seating, bars, VIP reception...
  • image recording, output data and statistics..
  • and other necessary service necessary for the smooth implementation of your event or project


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Event service, corporate

Thanks to our long-term "stay" in the internal corporate environment of our regular clients, we can more easily understand ideas about the ideal corporate event, presentation or conference. We are dedicated to celebrating milestones, gatherings of employees, partners or clients or various revelations.

Our advantage is our own production and technical team with top equipment and many years of experience, so we are ready to complete and efficiently handle even the most demanding assignments. Among the greatest successes can be included the cooperation with the T-Mobile company, for which we realized a traditional employee party for a very diverse structure of 3,000 guests. The events received the best feedback every time and only the 2016 outdoor event, also ours, surpassed it. Until 2023, we secured internal events for Allianz Pojišťovna or events of the Ostravar and Staropramen brewery for Molson Coors. The company Elfetex entrusted us with a spectacular celebration of 20 and 25 years of its existence, and we are currently happy to work for Česká Spořitelna or Pilous Packaging at the level of events.

We take care of events from the first ideas and concepts, we prepare initial proposals and concepts, the implementation of which we also take care of. Whether it is a location, script, program, technology, graphics, guest service, identification, catering, other entertainment or just a gift at the end. Our portfolio includes successfully realized events for small groups or individuals, special projects for top management or corporate events for several thousand guests. The year 2020 introduced us to the environment of online streaming and virtual events, where we emphasize not only technology but perfectly processed security of access, data, data, GDPR and cookies.

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