Anketa Žebřík 2018

Anketa Žebřík 2018

The traditional music awards ceremony is one of our yearly events, so this year we did not miss the event where most of the Czech music industry people meets either in the backstage, on the stage or in the VIP.

Don't be mistaken. It is an 2018 award, but the event was held in February 2019 :). Divokej Bill, Tomáš Klus, Mydy Rabycad, Gaia Mesiah and others performed on the stage.

Adamson S10
Adamson E219
Yamaha CL5 MON
Yamaha M7CL FOH

Robe Spiider
Robe Pointe
Robe MehaPointe
Chamsys MQ500 stadium

foto: Tomáš Klíma, Radim Hromádko, Petra Liehne, Tomáš Vlach, Jana Braunová, Jakub Urbanec  

Photo and video