Šachoffnice tour 2019

Šachoffnice tour 2019

Starting this year we set out with the hard & heavy band Traktor on their break tour to the new Šachoffnice album. The premiere collaboration proved to be beneficial and brought the sold out halls with enthusiastic feedback from fans and the professional public.

Before the tour we had been in intensive cooperation with the band and "our common" talented videographer Cyril Široký prepared a sculpture scene with integrated chessboard theme and integrated lights.

This in connection with the honest work of the band and the successful performance of the band and the successful older hits and the positive news from the Šachoffnice album, offered all unexpected shows.

We have the first half of the tour, the sold-out halls, and the successful challenges as a filled and euphoric Ostravar arena, and so it can be said that this association a year ago of unrecognized subjects brought secretly but only unexpected fruit.

The PA system varies according to the ADAMSON Y10 or E15 both with the best current bass markets on the E219 market. Of course everything controlled by Lake Processing with the Dante networking system and the Lab.Gruppen PLM amplifiers. The FOH engieneer uses the YAMAHA CL5 and the M7CL is classically on the MON.

The light scene is managed by a new member of the team Štěpán Bazala with our CHAMSYS MQ500 staduim desk and ROBE Spiider / Pointe / BMFL lights

Photo and video