This year we also did not miss the setup of the traditional Rock for People festival, where we took care of the main stage where stars like Bring Me The Horizon, Rudimental, Manic Street Preachers or Franz Ferdinand performed.

We know the Hradec stage very well for many years and because it is steadily built in the Festivalpark, we do not have many possibilities to implement it. Again, we built big video wings next to the stage, a few extra preparations around the stage, because handling foreign artists means operating with several setups (often full of truck :)) and technical teams at once. The next day's light scene changed every night to meet the demands of foreign headliners. As a pearl among them was a unique performance of Vypsaná Fixa with the Philharmonic.

PA: ADAMSON E15/E12/E219, Lab.gruppen PLM, Lake Processing LM44, Audinate Dante
FOH: Avid S6L, Yamaha Pro Audio Europe PM7 rivage
LIGHTS: ROBE lighting BMFL/Megapointe/Spiider, ChamSys MQ  
ZL FAMILY TEAM: Ondřej Tureček, Rastislav Bumbala, Janka Bumbalová, Petr Zavřel, Ivoš Šindelář, Jiří Rouček, Standa Zemek, Ondra Hortig, Kuba Kyncl, Honza Dufek, Ondra Klemš, David Holec, Petr Choura, Petr Navara, Jiří Návara, Martin Pařízek, Vítek Florian, Lukáš Starý a další 

foto: Tony Košař (GraphicDesigner), Petr Klapper / Fotograf

Photo and video