Majáles 2017

Majáles 2017

This year we have become an exclusive supplier of all three stages on Majales tour Hradec Kralove-Prague-Brno

After a three-year collaboration that began with one stage in 2015, we became a supplier of all three open-air stages of traditional student festivals - Hradec, Prague and Brno Majales. All this exclusively with ADAMSON PA systems, LAB GRUPPEN PLM amplifiers, LAKE processing and DANTE networking. The light scenes were built mainly on the ROBE - BMFL, Spiider and Pointe lights. Acts by Tomáš Klus, No Name, Deer, Rybičky 48, Mandrage and Marpo with their sophisticated final show.

The main stage was used by 136 boxes Adamson, and more than 200 individual piseces of this Canadian brand have been celebrated for this event, which is certainly their new Czech record :)).

Stage A:
HD Roof 20x13
PA: 24x Adamson E12, 24x E219, 24x S10, 48x Spektrix, 10x M15, 6x S18
DESKS: Yamaha CL5 + Yamaha M7CL
LIGHTS: 18x Robe BMFL, 4x Robe BMFL Blade, 12x Robe Colorwash, 24x Robe Spiider, 8x Robin 600 

Stage B:
HR roof 17x13
PA: 32x Adamson Y10, 14x T21, 20x Spektrix, 12x M15
DESKS: Yamaha CL5 + Yamaha M7CL
LIGHTS: 16x Robe Pointe, 24x Robin 600

Stage C:
Alur roof 13x10
24x Adamson Y10, 12x T21, 4x Spektrix, 12x M15
DESKS: Midas PRO3 + Yamaha M7CL
LIGHTS: 14x Robe Pointe, 22x Robin 600

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