Kryštof Summer 2020

Kryštof Summer 2020

Improvised summer concerts as a replacement for the postponed KryštofKempy in the form of a comprehensive tour of the amphitheaters

We didn't want to wait after we had to move the theater tour and postponed KryštofKemps. Together with the band, qwe came up with the idea to go to 8 amphitheaters across the country and please the fans. All places sold out quickly, the atmosphere on site was fantastic.

PA: ADAMSON: E12+S10, E219
AMPS: Lab.gruppen PLM, Lake Processing LM44, Audinate Dante
FOH: Yamaha Commercial Audio PM7/CL5

LIGHTS: ROBE lighting: Spiider, Pointe, CycBar 15, RoboSpot
FOH: ChamSys: MQ500 stadium

Photo and video