Hrady CZ 2019

Hrady CZ 2019

For the seventh time in a row, we delivered all eight stops of the festival with gear, and this year also with our bands Kryštof and Dymytry.

Festival has traditionally been using our hardware and technical team since 2013. This year we set out with a big HD stage 15x12, PA system Adamson E12 and lights Robe BMFL & Spiider as "A" and classic stage 13x10 with Adamson Y10 and Robe Pointe & Spiider as "B".

The headliner of the this year was undoubtedly the band Kryštof, who also belongs under the ZL Family, as well as the metal band Dymytry, who had their festival premiere here. Both bands performed on the main stage and brought in special scenes and effects that underlined their performance. In the case of Kryštof, it was a complete show inspired by the Strahov concert (lightplot, videos). This year's setup was in detail:




foto: České Hrady 2019

Photo and video