Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

The Spanish pop star set off for a short European tour, where we were technically involved and at the O2 arena in Prague we took care of the complete technical supply for two shows.

Budapest Arena, Olympiahalle München, Telenor Arena Oslo and O2 arena in Prague ... Thanks to friends from Stagemasters and ART BG, these biggest European concert halls have the opportunity to try out "on their own". For the sold out concerts of one of the world's largest stars, we have delivered complete lighty (Robe Lighting BMFL, Spiider, Pointe, RoboSpot, LightMaster) and rigging, including preparation and construction. We were involved in the Adamson sound solution, the Avid S6L desk and, of course, in our home O2 arena, we also sounded the sound in addition to the rigging, lights and stage. It was a great experience, and we are pleased to be able to work with the best colleagues in the industry such as Travis Shirley, Brad Divens or Eddie Caipo.

O2 arena setup:

sound design: Ondřej Tureček 
Adamson Energia: 24x E15, 24x E12, 32x Y10K, 38x E219, 24x S10
FOH: Avid S6L 

lights operator: Standa Zemek
Robe Lighting: 43x BMFL, 36x Pointe, 36x Spiider, 4x RoboSpot, 4x LightMaster

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