Petr Hapka žije!

Petr Hapka žije!

it was an honor for us to check more technically exceptional event in the 02 Arena, this time with a unique cast and design

O2 arena is not unknown to us, and thus creating evenly covering design of audio equipment Adamson was not the most difficult part of this event, although the connection soloists, orchestra and band at once can be tricky. And it was still in this case, the own sound was smaller and simpler parts solution.

For the commemoration event Petr Hapka lives! 2016 we used already certified audio system setup sound engineer Ondřej Tureček version:
24x Adamson E12 + 6x Adamson S10 main PA
24x Adamson Y10 + 4x Adamson Spektrix side PA
12x Adamson S10 delays
12x Adamson spektrix in fills
24x Adamson E219 subs

Mix took place at FOH console Yamaha CL5 digitáními stage with two boxes of Rio 32/24, a complete signal leadership was using the network audio protocol Dante due to the use of amplifiers Lab Gruppen PLM and LM 26 processors and LM44 using this great processing and management LAKE PA. The monitor system consisted of wiretaps Adamson M12 and M15 handled Yamaha M7CL consoles. A complex system of wireless microphones and in-ear systems took care facilities and Beyerdynamic Shure.

Light desing created Lukas Patzenhauer and consisted of three independent lighting truss and hanging decorative lights. Light park included: Robe BMFL 18x 24x 32x Pointe Robe Robe Robin 600 24x Vari-Lite 3500 wash 3x follow spot Cyrano and many other different effect lights controlled Chamsys MQ100 consoles with extra Wing.

Special effects were mainly based on heavy fog and ice walls consisted of our screen P6. Scene was dominated by a complex tiered structure, largely walkable for performances by artists such as Vojta Dyk, Richard Krajčo, Onřej Ruml or Bara Basikova. The orchestra mixed with the band led and accompanied on piano Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý.

Photo and video