JenomPísničky online

JenomPísničky online

Improvised TV studio and theater stage, acoustic concert, chat with guests and fans. This was a unique Kryštof JenomPísničky live stream, a three-hour production live.

We did a livestream of the big concert in the spring of last year with Kryštof. After an unexpected further delays of the actual concerts, we decided to make another one, completely different and actually unique due to its nature, we used what is not normally possible at a regular concert

On the unpleasant occasion of another postponement of the theater tour, the band prepared at least a partial replacement for the fans. And because the tour was supposed to start in Ostrava with two concerts, the place for the gig in the form of a live stream was clear. And what did the band offer the fans? A specially prepared and arranged acoustic concert was presented by a television studio. Real, Champions League studio, with Libor Bouček and unexpected guests. The football theme of the domestic eleven Kryštof blended freely with a trip into the history of the band, interviews in the studio and a call to the lockers, and then moved to a concert without a single cut. During the show, the audience could ask questions in both forms as an instant text or video questions that took place between the songs.

We completely technically provided the entire almost three-hour 100% live broadcast without pre-rotation, including camera and streaming. The streaming platform was provided by our friends from Sherwood Digital a.s ..

Photo and video