Concert and festival production

The main line of business of the agency consists of broad production operations. We provide full production services for the biggest Czech open-air festival Rock for People.

Thanks to many years of experience with that and many other events  we are able to find the optimal solution for your project, should it be a 10.000 visitors festival or a club party.

Depending on your needs we are able to prepare:

  • location, area design, high-capacity tents, domes..
  • programme, dramaturgy, scripts..
  • technical production, power supply, security and sanitary services and facilities..
  • on-site production, full personnel coverage, stage management, direction..
  • marketing support, advert campaigns, monitoring.. 
  • common catering, stalls, seatings, taps, vip banquet.. 
  • video recording, output data and statistics..
  • and additional required services needed for smooth run of your event or project