Virtual conference, streaming, meeting

Due to the development of the pandemic, the year 2020 introduced us even more to the environment of online streaming and virtual events.

We specialize in synchronous online streaming, which brings the most real-world experiences through the screens of computers, mobile phones and televisions to end users. Of course, even in this real environment we use the maximum online possibilities such as quality real-time interaction with remote speakers, feedback with viewers (questions, messages, voting ..), involvement of more guests in the transmission and studio in the form of teams / zoom platforms. Everything takes place on a tailor-made "tailor-made landing page" with the possibility of switching languages and other interactive tools. We emphasize the perfectly processed security of access, data, data, GDPR and cookies.

Of course, our portfolio also includes a purely virtual concept in the form of a graphic studio with inputs in the form of key green screen background.

We also use the latest technologies and procedures for our favorite live concerts. We provided the only streaming concert 2020 of the band Kryštof for the Ostravar brewery, we realized a series of online concerts from the Small Sports Hall at the Prague Exhibition Grounds with a huge reach for fans of Dymytry, Traktor and many others.

If you are considering a similar event, do not hesitate to contact us. We will design and implement a tailor-made solution for you.