Olympic 55

Olympic 55

Honorable 55 years on the Czech music scene was celebrated by the bigbeat legend of Olympic and we welcomed with pleasure and joy the invitation to technical and production cooperation ending with the sold out O2 arena.

At the 02 Arena, we have already sold out the concert for several times, in any case, each event is for us the experience of trying to solve in particular the sound design in this acoustically difficult venue. For Olympic, we used an audio setup consisting of all three modern Adamson PAs which we used in this form:

main PA: Adamson E15 18/18
subs: Adamson E219 9/9 fllown & 8/8 end fired stacked 
side PA: Adamson E12 12/12
delay: Adamson S10 8/8/8

PA was powered by the LAB Gruppen PLM amplifiers with Dante's network solution and Lake processing. The mix was handled by band sound engineer Petr Kovanda on our latest addition Avid S6L. Monitors supported Yamaha M7CL.

Concert was filmed by Czech Television, so the design was partly subject to recording conditions, but the backbone was Robe BMFL (30), including Blade and Lightmaster with Robospot used as follow spots. Led washes were provided by Robe Spiider (36) and the scene was complemented by Robe Pointe's universal beamspot (36). The design complemented by conventional lights in the form of PAR and ACL poles, the back of the artists formed by the Sunstrip Active wall. Control used by Jirka Rouček was his favorite Chamsys MQ100.

The image of animations or cameras has been transmitted to three LED screens from our P6. The center of the size 8x5 and lateral have a dimension of 4x7 in height due to camera shots of artists to zoom in on the details of the farthest tribunes.

Thanks to Peter Janda and Best IA for confidence and cooperation at this exceptional event and we look forward to the 60th anniversary celebration! :)


Photo and video