Marpo Arena

Marpo Arena

A courageous piece came out to rapper Marpo - not only had he sold the O2 arena but made a unique show there. And we were there all with our technique.

Even though this event was preceded by sold out concerts in the small sports hall and the Karlín Forum, it was as if the O2 Arena was a courageous and foolish move. But it went out to Marpo 100%, not only that he filled the biggest domestic hall a few weeks ahead, but together with a broad technical and production team, and he also us created the show of unprecedented proportions and responses. Take a look at the photos, and there is nothing to add to it. We've seen a lot in this hall, but the Marpo concert will surely belong to those unforgettable events. We are so glad we could be there!

technical supply: ZL Production
producer: Michal Samanek
stage design & creative show: Dsgnr Martin Hruška
light design: Lukáš Patzenhauer

sound: ADAMSON E15/E12/S10/Y10/E219, Avid S6L, Lab.gruppen PLM, Audinate Dante by Ondřej Tureček

lights: Robe lighting CZ/SK BMFL/RoboSpot/Pointe/Spiider, ChamSys MQ500 Stadium by Jiří Rouček

With thanks to all our friends, partners and ZL team working on MarpoArena project.

Photo and video