Majálesy 2018

Majálesy 2018

The three biggest open air festivals in Hradec Králové, Prague, Brno and a bonus in the form of the Pilsen-Pardubice duo ... This was our beast month with all three ZL stages exclusively at these festivals.

Sound (Adamson)
48x E15
48x Y10K
36x S10
28x Spektrix
40x E219
16x T21
16x Spk subs
36x M15
more than 110 devices Lab.gruppen s Audinate Dante from Ondřej Tureček
desks: 2x Yamaha CL5, 1x Avid S6L, 3x Yamaha M7CL (monitory)

40x Robe BMFL
36 x Robe Spiider
20 x Robin 600
40 x Robe Pointe
12 x Robe Megapointe
desks: 1x Chamsys MQ500 stadium, 1x Chamsys MQ100, 1x Chamsys MQ80