Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé

One of the world's leading singers, Emeli Sande, visited the O2 Arena in Prague. And we were at this exclusive event also - with technical production, lights, sound and led screens.

In the biggest home hall, we begin to settle slowly, just like in the other Karlín Forum. Sometimes we do not even want to pack and take off the technique because in a while we move it again ... Which, of course, looks forward to us, given the reference room ... And when we recall our beginnings and perhaps the first event in O2 arena, we are delighted that guerrilla times are behind us :). Now we feel almost at home there ....

For the Emeli Sande concert, we have prepared our own design proposal, complete with lights and check-in, rigging and, of course, sound. Besides this standard setup, there were also led screens and cameras supply. It was a pleasure and another valuable experience, to carry out further action in the arena, plus world stars of this magnitude.

Sound  main PA: Adamson Energia E15 + E12
Fills: Adamson S10 (including Center Fill)
Sound side PA: Adamson Y10
FOH: Avid S6L
System engineer: Ondřej Tureček 

Lights sport: Robe BFML
Lights wash: Robe Robin 600 
Light designer: Jiří Rouček 

Photo and video