ČMI 2017 v O2 areně

ČMI 2017 v O2 areně

The sold-out O2 arena has been hosting a unique event for the second time with a busy program composed of the most popular performers of the most listened Czech radio Impuls. And this year's complex technical solution was entrusted to us.

The action program was built on a continuous program composed of six live bands (Slza, Mandrage, No Name, Meka Žbirka, Lenny, Ewa Farna), followed by a soloist program with Petr Maláček, headed by Lucie Bílá or Karel Gott. At the end he also cut the duet with Igor Timko.

Technically, the most sophisticated sound solution. Not at the level of coverage of the entire auditorium, including the fourth floor, there was used the proven basis of our previous events, designed by Ondrej Turecka: the Adamson Energia E15 / E219 mainstream system, the Adamson S10 delay and the Adamson Y10 outfill, all controlled by Lake processing in the Dante network with Lab Gruppen PLM amplifiers. A special solution required the involvement of all the artists and the recording of the whole concert to the TV record. Maximum capacities of FOH Avid Venue S6L and MON Yamaha CL5 were used.

The design of the scene corresponded with the visual "i" Radio Impuls, which formed the runway. The light scene was created by Jiří Rouček from the curved and arched trusses, where the smaller led screens and one large central led. We used our standard Robe portfolio - BFML spotlights, Pointe beamspots and Spider ice led. We used Jiříček's Christmas gift "Chamsys MQ500".

We are delighted with the confidence shown, the Czech Impulse Party is one of the most complicated live events organized in Czech production, not only thanks to the Tv record. It was another valuable experience for our team.

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