Adamson / Krystof / stadium

Adamson / Krystof / stadium

An essential role in the realization of the Kryštof stadium concert to celebrate band's 25th anniversary was played by Adamson, a Canadian producer of one of the best large-format audio systems, whose products we have been exclusively using since our first small PA many years ago.

If you are interested in the preparation and implementation of the football stadium sound solution in our concept, we have some more detailed information for you. So in the concept of system engineer Ondrej Tureček with the support of FOH sound engineer Kryštof Jirka Topol Novotný and other friends from the company producing some of the best large format sound systems Adamson, which we have been using exclusively since the beginning of our work in the field of sound systems. So it's more for professionals and fellow sound engineers as they may appreciate you looking under the hat of a solution that you'll get a few times in your career when you're lucky as us. 

Ondra worked on this project for about half a year before we got to the final version with the help of another European companies using Adamson Energia - Stagemasters (BLG) and Lagoona (FR). 84x Adamson Energia E15 came together as the main PA and part of the delayed system that was supplemented by 24x Adamson Energia E12. For downlfills & frontfills  we used our old but gold system 24x Adamson Spektrix and above all the latest reinformecent 24x Adamson S10. Rarely 32x Adamson E219 boxes were flown on each side of the End-Fire model (so many basses have not been used by any of Adamson's companies). The result was amazing.
But it's not just a "box", but an important part of the system is signal processing and amplification, which the Lab gruppen PLM digital amplifiers with integrated Lake DSP have provided. Everything communicated through the Dante network, so the whole system, including the delay of the towers and outfalls, was controlled and controlled from one place. Another new feature was the FOH desk that we specially provided for this concert - the AVID S6L. All amplifier settings and device preparation have been pre-programmed to bring all plug-and-play devices to your site and maximize time savings.
Linking brands and manufacturers' solutions to Adamson, Lab Gruppen, Eventide Dante and Avid Counter has proven to be more than just. As a result, the maximum even coverage of the front-floor area, but also behind FOH and of course the platforms, while maintaining sufficient performance and listening fidelity. Modeling is, of course, one part, but a lot of work has been done on site to set up and debug the system to get the best listening experience in every place. We thank Ondra, Jirka and our foreign friends for a great job!

30 x Adamson E15 + 12x S10

30 x Adamson E15 + 6x S10

24 x Adamson E15 + 6x S10

24 x Adamson E12

12x Adamson Spektrix

64x Adamson E219 in EF 66 mode 60 Hz preset

12x Adamson T21 in FB 60Hz mode

46x Lab.gruppen PLM 20000q
16x Lab.gruppen PLM 10000q
10x Lab.gruppen PLM 20k44

Dante in 96 kHz mode by optical cables, redundant mode, saved by CAT7 and analog distro

Lake LM Processing matrix & signal distribution
2x Avid S6L 32D
1x Yamaha CL5

Yamaha CL5
Wisycom in Ear system
Wisycom and Beyer Dynamic wireless solution

Ondřej Tureček (sound engineer ZL Production), Tomáš Zýka, Martin Lehozsik, Jiří Polanský, Petr Nezkusil, Ras'to Bumbala, Josef Bouška
with Smaart 



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